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An informed choice


The purpose of this document is to inform you about home birth .

It aims to clarify our approach in order to establish a climate of trust and cooperation between you and your midwife.

A personal interview will be done to discuss mutual expectations.

Childbirth is a physiological process, the course of which is sensitive to the environment and stress.

The choice of the place of delivery and the success of the delivery depends on the choice of the woman giving birth and the agreement of her partner.

Although the most common practice nowadays is to give birth in hospital, midwives believe that out-of-hospital birth, including home birth, is a realistic option that offers a comparable margin of safety for healthy women with a physiological pregnancy.

We offer :

  • Listening carefully to take your expectations and questions into account and to address possible problems

  • Information based on current scientific data (evidence based )

  • Continuity of care by sharing information between the professionals involved

Conditions for a home birth


For a home birth the mother must


  • be in good health

  • have a physiological pregnancy

  • have a normal morphological ultrasound of the baby

  • have a baby in cephalic presentation

  • have a gestational age of the baby of more than 37 weeks of pregnancy.


In case of possible risks we will decide during a joint discussion whether a home birth is advisable.


We refer to the German guidelines, 'vaginale Geburt am Termin, S3 Leitlinie 2020', which are based on the recommendations of the Institute for health and care excellence (NICE) and the 'Mutterschafts-Richtlinien'.


During your labour you will be attended by the midwife you know and who attended you during your pregnancy. For the moment of the birth a second midwife will be present.


The midwives offer you individual support to detect pathological signs and to organize a transfer to hospital in good time.


In case of an emergency, the midwife has the necessary skills to stabilize the condition of the mother or the newborn and has emergency equipment and medication.


Transport time to the hospital must be taken into consideration, so we provide home births within a short distance of a maternity hospital.

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