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Prenatal Classes

for theses classes you do not need a prescription from your gyn, they are 100% reimbursed by the CNS

 You can join my prenatal classes in my  practice in Mamer at the following address

25, rue de la libération, 8245 Mamer

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I  offer prenatal classes that prepare parents on various topics according to the needs / interests of the woman or the couple.

I think it's important for parents to know

  • that it is their birth

  • what is going on in the woman's body,

  • how the baby adapts himself to this world and

  • how to make it easier for him and them

A selection of topics are as follows :

Information on administrative procedures
The end of pregnancy
What to put  in my suitcase ?
When to go to the hospital ?
The different stages of birth
Pain management
Physiological birth
Cesarean section or more difficult births

What is a birth plan?
Your stay in the hospital
Breastfeeding or artificial milk ?
Adaption of the baby to the new life
The first time at home

Hand auf Bump

These courses are held in small groups of max 3 couples or individually and are reimbursed by CNS , ( 60 minutes / session)

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