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Postnatal Visits

Every woman in Luxembourg has the right to a follow-up by a midwife after birth.


 CNS covers the cost of home visits to a 100%:

after the birth of  second child ( or third, fourth....) up to 15 days

after the birth of  a first child ( on medical prescription with code VSF62)

a caesarean section,

a multiple birth

or preterm birth (<37 weeks)

up to 21 days after birth

It is my job to 

control the health of the mother and the good development of the baby

to be a support in the many topics of postpartum:

such as breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, care of the baby and the mother, blood analysis of the baby (after 3 days), adaptation of the baby, sleep of the baby, hormonal changings of the mother, insecurity of the parents etc ....



It's important to me that you feel safe and comfortable at home , and that you are feeling well.


I will guide you in your choice ,

answer your questions

work with you for the best start into the new life with your baby.

For me, it's always nice to meet you before the birth  in order to work on a common base

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